Biosauld Day Hostpital


Medical Director, Founder of Biosalud Clinic & Day Hospital (Zaragoza & Madrid)

Biosalud Day Hospital has been created for the treatment of Lyme disease and Regenerative Medicine.

Since 1985 our mission has been to develop precise and effective diagnostic systems and treatment protocols for many chronic diseases. During that time, our clinic has become well known internationally for the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease, autoimmune and chronic diseases including treatments in integrative and regenerative medicine.

For each patient we evaluate all the biological, biochemical, biomolecular, infectious, genetic and environmental toxicity factors that trigger and maintain their pathology and, based on this holistic diagnosis, we develop fully personalized treatments protocols for our patients. We look for the causes of the diseases rather than practising symptomatic medicine.


Lyme disease is a multi-systemic multi-infectious disease where Borrelia and its coinfections are not the only factors to take into consideration with regards to the patients’ health. We take an integrative and holistic approach by considering the patient as a whole person eliminating any mycotoxins, chemicals, heavy metals along with stimulation of the immune system, intestinal regulation and many other internal functions.

Within our R&D department we have developed an effective Lyme disease protocol treatment plan without side-effects. By combining our biological and medical treatments (eg. simple and multi-pass ozone therapy, molecular and body hyperthermia, vitamin, mineral, amino acids, liposomal and herbal infusions, bio-resonance etc) with conventional infusions based on a new form of pharmacological antibiotics we have developed, we have been able to increase the efficacy of our treatments. This has reduced overall patient treatment time and the risk of relapses. All our personalized protocols within our clinic follow the ILADS Guidelines.

Clinic contact details:

Biosalud Day Hospital
Residencial Paraíso 9
50008 Zaragoza

Tel: +34 976 22 11 33

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