Lyme Disease Clinic


Medical Director and Founder of the Lyme Disease Clinic

Central London location appeals to national and international patients alike.

The London based Lyme Disease Clinic treats chronic Lyme disease and its co-infections. Its dedicated team draws upon the expertise and insight from the world renowned BCA-clinic in Germany as part of its patient treatment programme. Through this collaboration, the Lyme Disease Clinic brings a 360-degree view on treating patients with chronic, late stage Lyme disease and its many associated symptoms and co-infections.

The Lyme Disease Clinic uses the latest research, diagnostics and treatments to help support patients and return them to health. It categorises its treatment programme into three main strands: the conventional medical route, the natural or alternative treatment route, or a combination of both the conventional and alternative. The route that is chosen depends on the patients diagnosis, any health complications they may have, and their ability to tolerate various conventional medications or IV antibiotics.

To determine the correct route, each patient goes through detailed diagnostic testing involving both laboratory and in-clinic patient assessment in order to confirm diagnosis. They are then treated with a personalized treatment plan that addresses their specific needs while their progress is assessed and added to the growing bank of understanding in treating this difficult disease. Treatments include ozone and bespoke vitamin infusions.

The Lyme Disease Clinic with its convenient central location, is popular with patients who come to London for diagnosis and treatment, before returning home to continue on their personal treatment protocol.

Dr Joshua Berkowitz, Founder and Medical Director of the Lyme Disease Clinic, is passionate about his work and committed to supporting international efforts in battling this disease, believing that it is through continual collaboration with other global experts, that this disease will be properly understood, acknowledged and treated.

Clinic contact details:

Lyme Disease Clinic
48 Wimpole Street
Marylebone, London
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)203 095 0009

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